At Navigem, the Business Analytics (BA) Solution is used in an iterative and methodical manner to explore the data with emphasis on statistical analysis. Our tools are built with a commitment to data-driven decision making.

We are in the process of building IP around SAP HANA, primarily to help customers do analytics on real-time data.

An Overview Of Business Analytics Tools

Advantages include:

  • Sophisticated business reporting methods for self-service analysis at all levels
  • Fast and cost-effective installation
  • A high-performance environment
  • Data staging from heterogeneous environment
  • Release of source systems and IT organization
  • Tools geared for “What-If” analysis
  • Data access independent of the source system
  • Analysis of data over a specific period of time, and the storage of historical information (time-dependent Master Data)

Our tools help customers:

  • Gain insights into their data that help business decisions to automate and optimize the business processes
  • Use data as a corporate asset and leverage it for competitive advantage
  • Standardize structuring and presentation of Master Data
  • Gain an easy-to-use, single point of access to all company information
  • Build Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics