On a beautiful summer morning, team Navigem undertook a road trip to the picturesque Pondicherry to meet with the Honourable Lt.Gov.Dr.Kiran Bedi and the IT Secretary. Following a warm reception at the Raj Nivas and words of encouragement from the legendary Dr.Bedi, the team met with the IT Secretary and presented the eyeOrta platform of the Data Smart Urban Governance framework.

The pan-city mobile application with GPS, GIS, MIS component caught the fancy of the stakeholders and the scalability and versatility of the platform was conveyed in no uncertain terms. The city with more than 60% of the population engaged through smart phones would form an ideal foil to explore and capitalize on the potential of the SaaS platform within the contours of the Smart City initiative of the govt of India.

Since the SPV meant for the Smart City implementation for Pondicherry is due in june-july, the team was advised to consider a pilot thus enabling the city to understand, appreciate and realize the value and setting the tone for future engagements as per the procedures and policies as applicable.

Team Navigem is currently involved in finalizing the modalities and working towards launching pilot in the city of Pondicherry bringing to a fruitation the relationship nurtured over time.


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