Team Navigem presents the TraceMe - A Personal on-demand security platform at the Multi-Stakeholders conference on Safety of women and children held in Bangalore
Source : Navigem Media

Team Navigem presents the Data-Smart urban governance solutions as a part of the Smarttech workshop on the "Role of IT in Solid Waste Management" organized by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Bangalore .
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Team Navigem presents the Data-Smart urban governance solutions to the cities in the Asia-Pacific as a part of 100 Resilient Cities Regional summit in Singapore.
Source : Navigem Media

Bhopal, all set to join a select list of global cities leveraging Crowd sourced data for effective Urban Governance, powered by Navigem's eyeOrta.
Source : Dainik Bhaskar

eyeOrta - Leveraging crowd-sourcing for Urban Governance.
Source : Deccan Herald

Data defines the Cities of the 21st century across the globe.
Source : GreenBiz

Data reveals the real story behind Bengaluru's garbage strewn streets.
Source : The Times of India

Navigem's SWM engagement with BBMP, a stepping stone towards a Resilient city.
Source: Economic Times

Navigem Data becomes the first Platform Partner from India with the 100 Resilient Cities Organization to provide Data-Smart Urban Governance solution NavSustain to the partner cities globally.
Source: 100 Resilient Cities Organization

Team Navigem presents the Traffic Congestion Analytics to the Bangalore City traffic Police towards more efficient Data-backed traffic signal functioning and the response has been encouraging.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem Data presents Crime Analytics as a part of the Data-Smart Urban Governance solution NavSustain to the State Crime Records Bureau of the Karnataka State Police on culmination of a POC.
source: Navigem Media

Team Navigem presented Spatio-Temporal-Demographic Data driven dashboard to the Karnataka State Police for enhanced visibility of the historical crime data as a Proof-Of-Concept for building a Crime Analytics platform.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem develops a comprehensive Data Governance solution with innovative geo-tagging component using a GPS-GPRS, mobility based, as part of the NavSustain portal for Solid Waste Management for the BBMP.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem partners with Bharat Electronics for providing Enterprise Data Solutions using Offline Methods to enhance BEL’s Employee Appraisal Function.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem Data is partnering with Finway-Capital in developing a comprehensive solution for Telecom Providers with built-in Big Data analytics. The engagement could last 24 months.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem showcases its proprietary Smart City Governance Solutions to the city-planners encompassing SWM, Policing & Mobility, Grid Power, Water and Health.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem partners Navy to provide a Hadoop based Big Data Solution for Data Security, Data Management and access management for intranet search engine as a Proof-Of-Concept.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem presents its proprietary Big Data solution to the Director of UN Global Pulse, New York city.
source: Navigem Media

BBMP engages Navigem to conduct a Techno-Commercial Audit of the Solid Waste Management for five wards.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem presents a Proof-Of-Concept for Vigilance Analytics to the Commissioner of Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi.
source: Navigem Media

Navigem proves Data quality is the lone truth teller of the current state of Garbage in city.
source: The Hindu

State Government and BBMP stress on data and its insights for a sustainable solution.
source: The Hindu