Big Data

As the Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, Value, Venality and Visualization of the data increase, organizations are increasingly turning towards Big Data primitives to Capture, Process, Store and Visualize to harness this data to create new insights and ensuing business value.

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Data can be a powerful tool for transforming the systems that perpetuate urban problems today, be it Pollution, Drinking Water Scarcity, Unemployment, Waste Management, Traffic, or Crime. Data allows us to understand current conditions, identify problems, set goals,..

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Enterprise Management

Management today recognizes that traditional approaches to Info Management expose them to risks and information.

Our Enterprise Management solutions are

Master Data Management

A number of business applications access large quantities of data as in material, customer, supplier and partner.

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Data Quality Process

Quality data, consistent across the enterprise, can drive significant business benefits.

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Data Governance

Navigem’s governance solution refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security.

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Info Migration

Navigem’s Info Migration solutions and methodologies and solutions have resulted from extensive learnings from the industry.

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