Team Navigem participated in the Singapore Regional Summit of the 100 RC which also coincided with the inauguration of the 100RC Regional office for Asia – Pacific in Singapore.
A network of Strategy Partners, Platform Partners and Chief Resilient Officers along with their teams descended on the city-state and the summit coincided with the World Cities Summit held in its precincts.
During the summit CROs from the city – Toyoma (Japan), Wellington, Christchruch (New Zealand), Mandalay (Myanmar), Sydney, Melbourne (Australia), Na Dang (Vietnam), Huangxi (China), Surat (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Semarang (Indonesia) each at different stages of their resilient strategies, represented their cities and showcased the challenges faced by each in their quest for resilience.
The problems ranged from flood early warning issue of Na Dang to Public Transportation challenge in Melbourne to Solid Waste Management roadblock with Mandalay and Na Dang.
Team Navigem showcased the Data – Smart governance solutions NavSustain and the Crowd sourcing component, eyeOrta along with analytics which was well received by the plenary. The versatility and flexibility of the framework rendered the solution enthusing to the cities especially Melbourne, Semarang and Mandalay.


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