As a part of the Data-driven initiatives and attempts at leveraging data, Navigem Data presented the “TraceMe” personal safety suite at the “Stakeholder Consultations on Security of Woman and Children” jointly organized by the Indian Police Foundation and Karnataka State Police at the Office of the Director general of Police, Karnataka State.

The august gathering composed of NGOs, academia, Jurists, serving and retired Law-enforcers, Senior Bureaucrats, legal luminaries, Civil rights activists, Women and child rights activists along with people from all walks of life was inaugurated by Justice Venkatachaliah, former Chief justice of India in the presence of Mr.RK Datta, DG & IG, Karnataka State and Mr.Praveen Sood, Commissioner of Police, Bangalore.

Team Navigem showcased the mobile application part of the TraceMe app which introduced many a first of its kind features like geographic neutrality, multi-level escalation mechanism, reduction in the false-positives along with the bespoke algorithm that authenticates and validates users at all stages; all made possible through custom integration of deep core technologies – DSP,NLP,Bio-metrics and such.

The icing on the cake was the real-time tracking and depiction of the user information along with the multi-dimensional cartographic and thematic layer that stops just short of the physical presence of the third eye with the user, in an intuitive, interactive and access-secured dashboard.

The technological efforts undertaken to balance the need for privacy without compromising the security were appreciated and well-received. The application which is undergoing intensive, exhaustive and extensive field trials would be made available to the Citizens of Bangalore thus supplementing the efforts of the City Police by providing with a rich, active and actionable data set.

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